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Our Work

iGRAPHX  works diligently to provide our customers with an excellent and satisfying experience when shopping with us. All projects are made with precision and dedication. We value our customers and love the different and creative projects they challenge us with. Here's some of our work...


"Rugrats" Themed Party Shirts

Themed Party Shirts can be made using any theme. It is always a pleasure making party shirts.

Although it takes lots of time and precision, the outcome is always worth it. These shirts were made on such a short notice. However, iGRAPHX still fulfilled.  

Custom Graphic Sets 

These custom graphic sets were apart of our "Laid Back Girl" Summer Collection in 2021. Each set containing an oversized graphic tee and biker shorts. 

iGRAPHX specializes in graphic shirts. Hence, the name of the company.


Business Logo Shirts

We understand that people take their businesses seriously, and for that reason we work extremely diligent when making business logo shirts. 

Custom Silky Pajamas Set

This was our very first custom silky pajama set. Made for a 21st pajama birthday party. We enjoyed this making this project very much. It was very fun, chic and one of the first of many challenges we've faced.

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